We would like to invite your child to participate in a new program called the BackPack Program. This program is a partnership between the ----- Public Schools, Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank, local volunteers and generous funders from throughout the community. 

The BackPack Program provides a small bag of nutritious, non-perishable food for your child to eat during the weekend when school isn’t in session throughout the school year. Each bag contains a variety of items including main entrees, breakfast items, fruit, vegetables, snacks and often juice or shelf-stable milk.

Once enrolled in the BackPack Program, your child will receive a small bag of food at the end of the day, before school dismisses, at the end of the school week. Teachers and school staff will help remind students when and where to pick up their items. The food will be packed in a plastic bag which will be easy to put in a backpack or book bag. The food is intended to be used during the weekend. 

What’s more, the BackPack Program food will be provided at no cost to your child.

If this program would be helpful as you work to provide for your family, please contact [Kelly Smith, Guidance Secretary 218-520-3201]. Every effort will be made to keep this confidential. In addition, if your circumstances should change after you have enrolled, you may opt out of the program at any time during the school year by letting your school contact know.